Thursday, December 30, 2004

my only epic poem

ok, maybe epic is a reach but it IS long.

i was born in brooklyn, new york city. at one time, i would normally describe myself as a new york italian. i long ago moved away from my home town and ventured north, way up into the land of the frozen north.

why? that's a whole 'nother story!

i wrote this shortly after 9/11

heart at half mast

8:46 am eastern daylight time
lives change forever
events before unimaginable
now etched on the cave wall of my mind
there are people running in the streets
chased by dust and debris
smoke follows like a demon
on fire
9:03 am eastern daylight time
this time proof of intent
the cave wall of my mind shatters

if i leave now
i could be there
in seven hours

starting to question
why my home town
do they hate us that much
i mean that much
twenty minutes to
the airport
stop over in toronto
mostly numb now
eyes on the monitor
same image
over and over and over and over and over
airports are closed
jump in the car?
three days straight thru
i need to do something
besides sit here and cry
and cry and cry and cry and cry
i phone home
is every one ok
do we know anyone who...
i know you used to work there
sit on the plaza
eat lunch people watch

what the fuck?

the knot in my gut
seems to grow with each
new piece of information
each new devastating
scene of destruction
i am taking this personally
this is my home town
these are my people
my streets
my history
i watch
dancing in the streets
dancing in joyful
at the horrible deaths
death by burning
death by jumping from the 100th floor
crushing death stone and steel
i was born in new york
and couldn’t wait to leave that city
when i was younger
all i want
all i can think
is to go home
help clean up
the mess
pick up a gun
kill someone

my heart is at half mast
not only for what was done in new york city
not only for what was done in washington dc
not only for what was done in pennsylvania
but for what was done
in me
for what i want to do
for the fear and hatred
i now carry
that refuses to leave me
that my soul cannot command to calmness
for the spirit that was killed
for this new demon
i have become

if i had hair i'd be pulling it out

well, good morning to all!

i have had breakfast and am finishing off coffee pot #1.
this blog has become frustrating for i cannot figure out how to post a photo to it.
ever play 'trivial persuit' and have someone say "oh, that's an easy one" to a question that you have no idea what the answer is?
that's kinda how i feel right now, trying to use this very simple, easy to use software.
i hope that it IS something simple and that i will figure it out eventually.

on to the day...
christmas break is still happening for me so no work today.
plans include a walk along whyte avenue, in the cold & snow, in hopes of shooting a good photo. a new member of the photo forum that i moderate lives in a neighboring city and is in town visiting friends & relatives, we plan to meet for coffee later this afternoon. i've invited another buddy to come along also.
later on, i'll take my dog, sugar, out for a walk in the snow. she loves the snow, dives into it like a pool of water (which she dislikes).

ok, another cup of coffee and another look at this 'hello' software. let's see what happens!


it's midnight, welcome!

it's a bit late and i just started my first blog!

i have been thinking about this for awhile and the time seems right tonight.
i hope to post some photos as i'm an avid amateur photographer and to post some poetry as i'm a lazy poet.
i might just post some opinions about life and things in general as i'm a somewhat opinionated guy at times.

but really, my hope is to have a place to go and just plop down some stuff as i see it.
a sanctuary, of sorts...