Saturday, April 16, 2005

april showers

where to begin?

it has been a bad month so far...well not really but, this was my first thought and while it's not entirely accurate, it feels that way.

intellect versus emotion - - nah, not going there today...

what's happened so far this month?
i was lucky enough to purchase 2 'new' lenses for my photo rig and that's very good.
except one looks like it went through a war and the other was a disappointment because i didn't do my homework.
the 'war' lens is very small and has a reputation for being very sharp. i have not tried it yet. it is a canon 100/3.5 lens made for my canon cameras.
i really should not complain too much as the lens does work, in fact it was recently serviced, and the focus is like butter, maybe better.
it's just ugly!

the other lens is in very nice shape, cosmetically clean and the glass is clear, no marks on it at all. it is the canon 50/1.9 collapsible lens. it works perfectly but does not collapse all the way into my camera body. why? cause it's not supposed to. but i didn't know that when i bought it, hence the previous lack of homework comment.

while being disappointed with both lenses was my burden i decided to take the little 50 out for a spin, might as well see what the lil thing could do.
so i mounted it on my favourite camera and headed out.

ever hear about bad things coming in three's?

i dropped my favourite camera and 'new' lens onto the concrete of whyte avenue.

it was a sickening thud...

maybe you can better understand the bad month comment now.

the camera and lens are now en route to new jersey where i hope they can put humpty together again.

fortunately, i managed to take a few shots with that combo the week before and i'll show you a couple along with a few shots from today, taken with my favourite lens, the canon 35/2.

redone 2
girl with umbrella
market girl harp
market girl harp.2