Sunday, May 29, 2005

a walk on whyte

pray for change

a few photos from the past 2 weekends on whyte avenue...

a hip shot
hip shot

can .1


walkin' the dog
walkin' the dog

Saturday, May 07, 2005

spring cleaning

there have been times over the years that i get restless, very restless.

these times have come to be known as spring cleaning days for me as i become dissatisfied with things.

things i own, things i do and things (life) in general.

some might call this depression, others a malaise, i just call it restlessness because i need to do something and i usually have little patience for getting it done.
do it now-finish it quickly-get it all out of my sight!
simple really.

so, this spring cleaning is all about cameras and lenses and photo stuff.

line up

i have sold some lenses and am trying to sell others.
i let go of a few accessories that i no longer feel the need for.
edit down, feel free, easier decisions...

now the odd part...

i am in the process of buying a lovely older canon lll with a collapsible lens and can barely wait to play with it. i plan on taking it everywhere i go, seriously.

there is also that 100/2 canon lens i am in search of and i need to research photo printers because I’m selling off the darkroom i never use any more.


i find it odd that my cameras and lenses are from the 1950s and i now digitally scan my hand processed negatives and plan to use a machine to print my digital scans.
i would think ‘schizophrenic’, if i only knew how to spell it.

and now, some signs of the season of spring...

girl with umbrella


classical street

girl with parachute



market girl harp