Thursday, October 05, 2006

it was a year ago today...

that i had a heart attack, just 3 days before my birthday.

i took this week off from work so i could quietly celebrate having lived another year.
today was a bit emotional for me at times.

i also painted my living room over the past few days. i hate painting and the job i did proves that pretty much.
but i did it, alone, and finished this morning, just about the same time they were hooking me up to a bunch of tubes last year.

i still get the odd email asking me how i'm doing and advising me to stay cool, eat right, listen to the doctors etc.
the support was appreciated when it happened last year and still is appreciated today. this world can be cold and hard at times but some of the people in it are warm and wonderful.

anyway, i just wanted to mark the occasion...



Anonymous said...
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Leah said...

Hey Joe! I miss you so much! I wish our homes weren't so far apart. You know our hearts are always close to yours. Wish Jack and I could have helped you paint. Your pictures continue to make me smile, reflect, and ponder life. Keep shooting, my friend.