Monday, March 13, 2006

so far behind...

every time i think about writing something i turn tail and run as i am so far behind here that it's hard to know where to begin.

i have a few photos to post tonight, all taken with my new set up.

i was blessed enough to be given a brand new zeiss ikon camera along with a 35/2 zeiss lens.

this kit so impressed me that i sold off some of my canon rangefinder collection just to buy another new lens for it.
these shots were taken with that new lens, a zm 25/2.8.

saturday morning coffee

sex fiend jailed

snow man on whyte avenue

snow man 2


woman with coffee 2

veggie man at the market

vegie man

i have more photos that need editing, scanning and some processing that will follow...soon ;)


g.o.k. said...

Like all these joe. Some good use of focal length here. You have a great ability for a nice shot. Hey, as long as we’re shooting, we’re not "so far behind." frame.

taffer said...

As Reagan said, you're shooting, and that counts :) You're making good use of your new lens and it's not easy to get used to ultra wides (24 is still ultrawide for me, I'm sort of a classic guy, he!).
If you sometimes don't know what to write, just let the images talk ;)
Cheers !

Rick said...
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byuphoto said...

Joe, 'tis better to shoot and not post than to post and never shoot. You do good and have an eye for good subjects. I have niether as this small rural area and the fact that I can't drive, till after the defibillator, does not afford the luxury of interesting street.

Moops said...

I like the snow man the best.....

Leah said...

I like your pictures Joe. I always see talent shining through and I appreciate it. Hey!! Don't worry about being far behind. We all are. I thought that that is how it is supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

hi, i am a stranger to you, reading from singapore. chanced upon your blog and i must say, i like your pictures. the emotions behind the faces and the perfect timing and things around them. great work.

Rich Silfver said...

you're putting that 25 too good use it seems.